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Rent partments Komarova 5, Kirovohrad, Kirovohrad oblast ID 197353

Rent partments Komarova 5,  Kirovohrad, Kirovohrad oblast ID 197353

Date added: 29 Nov 2018
View: 594
ID: 197353

ID 197353 от 29.11.2018
Komarova 5, Kirovohrad, Kirovohrad oblast
175 per month
auction, no commission,

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Vendor Information

Екатерина Васильевна Ekaterina Vasil`evna
+38 (066) 275-08-70

Number of rooms    3 bedroom apartment
Floor    3
Number of floors    5
Area ( m2 )    52
Living space ( m2 )    52
Kitchen area ( m2 )    8
Exterior walls    the red brick house
Feature plan    Khrushchev layout
Condition of the apartment    good condition
Bathrooms    separate bathroom
Balcony    1, glazed,
Additionally about the house (where the apartment) :    gas, code lock,
Information about the apartment    gas geyser, fitted kitchen, furniture,

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Additional information22фасадный вход
Possible options for using the space :развлекательные ус
Possible options for using the space :медицинские услуги
Possible options for using the space :бытовые услуги
Possible options for using the space :торговля (продукты)
Possible options for using the space :торговля непродово
Area ( m2 ) 21
Floor (example: ground floor, basement,1-3,technical)1
Number of floors 1
Willingness в эксплуатации
Type of premises non-residential houseе
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